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Well, there was probably a Neanderthal couple who rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Cleopatra, a powerful seductress, was considered a tricky foreigner in Mark Antony's Rome.

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Jump ahead to 2015, and things haven't changed much, only now it's Mary-Kate Olsen, a former child star with a twin sister and a couple of fashion lines, marrying Olivier Sarkozy.

The 44-year-old French banker, half-brother of the former French president, is 17 years Olsen's senior, and just as far removed physically: At six-foot-three he towers over her like a "withering oak," as one blogger sniped.

"That's not right," Sarkozy's ex-wife declared when the two started dating.

One evening not long ago, a friend and I were talking about a recently married Hollywood couple.

They were appearing together in a national ad campaign—she a voluptuous and famous bombshell, he slight, bespectacled, and barely known.

Being a little bored with each other, we began a game of Googling odd couples on our phones."He's hot and she looks like the Nutty Professor," my friend, who works in fashion, said of a political candidate and his wife."Look at that ogre," I said about a stocky producer and his swan of a spouse. "Additional searches took us to lists with headlines like "15 Couples Who Need to Be Stopped." We kept going until we hit an article in Britain's : Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall? The couple appeared together last October 30 at the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham, which was also attended by the Duke of Edinburgh and Princes William and Harry.In a photo that went around the world like the latest flu strain, the 84-year-old media mogul, married three times but single since 2013, was caught on camera vigorously snogging (as the Brits like to say) the still stunning 59-year-old former model, a mother of four with her ex, Mick Jagger. Many epithets were hurled—one London publication dubbed them "the Gruesome Twosome"; another described their kiss as the "shot that broke the kiss cam"—and we clucked and cackled like two mean girls at a pajama party.(In January, to the world's consternation, the couple doubled down by getting engaged.)It was an invigorating rabbit hole—a modern parlor game that combined the strategy of Candy Crush Saga with the aggression of Angry Birds.Clink glasses, click links, laugh, scorn, repeat, and never mind that as a paunchy middle-aged man without much of a résumé, and with hair and teeth that could be described as problematic, I'm not the most impeccable subject from any angle.The Noah's Ark of curious couples (actress Sarah Paulson, 41, now dating colleague Holland Taylor, 72; Scarlett Johansson, one of the hottest actresses on earth, married to an obscure French guy who owns an advertising agency) kept us thoroughly amused.The arithmetic of attraction and acceptability has been getting tongues wagging since…

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