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Time to update the adage “She’s a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets.” Let’s just simplify that to: “Actually?

We’re all a bunch of freaks in the sheets – thanks, Internet! In March, a lone Darknet user exposed nearly 4 million users' data from their activity on an adult dating site.

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she discovered 15 AFF spreadsheet files where a hacker known as ROR[RG] posted his stolen goods.

They were living in the “Hell Forum," a hacking forum accessible via the TOR browser, which is special software allowing access to the Darknet. It’s now back up but all the AFF data is gone and the entire thread has been deleted.”) Because extortion was involved, Robb dealt with the matter delicately.

“To be honest, I sat on it for a while because I did not know what the protocol was for reporting this type of data breach, and my confusion over potential ‘extortion’ was something I've never dealt with before,” she says.

“I posted the blog in hopes that data breach experts would find the clues [that I carefully laid] and be able to discern the adult site that I was referencing.

I was also worried that there could be legal ramifications from my discovery.” The southern Oregon Internet security specialist first wrote on her site: If the data breach is genuine (and I am sure it is), there is a ton of personally identifiable information (PII) sitting in a forum on the Darknet that has been viewed 1,756 times.

It is unknown how many times the breached data files have been downloaded.Though the files were stripped of credit card data, it is still relatively easy to connect the dots and identify thousands upon thousands of users who subscribe to this adult site.Friend Finder Networks announced that it has hired forensics expert Mandiant, which is owned by Fire Eye, to investigate, along with law firm Holland and Knight and a public relations company specializing in cybersecurity.An administrator of the Darknet forum mocked the announcement, saying that it “only took 74 days to confirm the breach.” Asked to comment on the investigation, Kyrksen Storer of Fire Eye said, “[W]e do not comment on active investigations such as this one.” So what does all of this mean for you and your online sexing?It means we need to stop pretending this type of breach isn’t going to happen — all the time — as it’s been happening for the past several years, with increasing frequency and sophistication.“People don't need to be paranoid, but they do need to know that anonymity these days is rare,” says Laura Lorek, a veteran technology writer and founder of Silicon Hills News, a technology news site in Austin, Texas. Do you want someone to see all of your private maneuvers? Would your life be ruined if someone did see reveal private communication or data? “In our houses, we have smart meters that track our household appliances, Dropcams to keep tabs on our kids, dogs and belongings, smartphones with geolocation capabilities that track our whereabouts and web cameras in our laptops and desktops,” Lorek says.

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