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By signing up and not sending a single email, you have a 100% greater chance to meet people and hookup on a date in Weymouth massachusetts than if you never created a profile (because people can and will still contact you).

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Must like to have fun, be happy, spontaneous, adventurous and likes to go out and do things like concerts, dancing, dining, walking on the beach, rides to nowhere - who is caring, compassionate, romantic at times and most important has morals and values, is trustworthy, honest and loyal - someone who is independent, stable financially and emotionally, and is not a total know-it-all, opinionated and judgmental.

(Okay to have an opinion on things, just not looking for someone who thinks inside the box and that his way is the only way!!!

) Intimacy is a big, healthy part of any relationship, so the guy for me must be a loving, hands-on affectionate guy!!!

Situational factors likely play a role in date rape.

The sexual inhibition hypothesis suggests that men are typically sexually inhibited by violence and non-consent, but that inhibition can also be disrupted.

We attempted to determine if female nudity reduces inhibition of sexual arousal to non-consensual cues in sexually non-aggressive men.

In two studies, heterosexual men (aged 18–25) were presented with six 2-min audiotaped narratives depicting consensual sexual interactions, non-consensual sexual interactions (rape), and non-sexual interactions (neutral) involving a man and a woman.

In the first study, 20 participants saw pictures depicting nude or clothed women while listening to the stories.

In the second study, 20 other participants saw videos depicting nude or clothed women exercising, also while listening to the stories.

Genital responses and subjective sexual arousal were measured.

Results suggested that nudity may have a disinhibitory effect on sexual arousal to non-consensual cues, but only when presented in the form of moving images.

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