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The drug - technically known as a beta-blocker - is prescribed for a variety of common health problems, including heart and circulatory conditions, from tremors to high blood pressure, as well as helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety such as a rapid heart rate or sweating.

Mrs Jackson, whose baby daughter Emilie was just 10 months old at the time, was thought to have suffered cardiac failure at her home in Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire, in the early hours of the morning, after going to bed complaining of stomach pains.

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But the MSP added: ‘Like most drugs, you have to take great care and they must be used with caution, according to the prescription.

The side effects of Propranolol can include the heart excessively slowing down and the patient feeling weak and tired.

People react differently and what is a good dose for one person, might not be right for another.

There’s nothing to be frightened about if you are taking these but you do need to make sure the dose is suitable for the individual.’Speaking after her death, which occurred while her parents, Joyce, 66, and Duncan, 67, from Twynholm, in Kirkcudbrightshire, were on holiday in Australia, the racing driver spoke of the family’s grief, saying: ‘It’s obviously come as a huge shock to us all and we’re still trying to come to terms with it.’Coulthard himself was told the news about his sister just moments before he was due to appear on the BBC show, Saturday Kitchen Live.

He was given the option of dropping out of the show by producers, but instead decided to appear on the 90-minute programme hosted by TV-chef James Martin.

He later said: ‘It just seemed like the right thing to do and what Lynsay would have wanted.

My parents were in Australia and I discussed their travel plans with my father.

We agreed to meet back in Scotland the next day.‘I’ve since thought a lot about the decision.

I do wonder if my sporting career helped me to detach myself from the reality and just get the job done. I knew no amount of reflection could bring her back.

It felt like there was little I could do to help in Scotland.’The pair, who also have an elder sibling, Duncan, were known to be extremely close and, until 2005, ‘Super Chick’ – as she was nicknamed by her family - ran her brother’s fan club, as well as the official David Coulthard motoring museum in Twynholm.

Praising his sister’s driving skills, Coulthard, who lives with former Belgian model Karen Minier and their young son, Dayton, once described his sibling as ‘naturally a better driver’ than him when they were growing up, while she jokingly confessed that ‘boys got in the way’ and she ‘lacked his dedication’.

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