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We approve for you to add our story to your many success stories for others to see and learn. Our story is one of correcting infertility issues developed by me having gone through a vasectomy, one successful vasectomy reversal in 1997, and another vasectomy in 2002.We were quickly put to ease by the professionalism and knowledge you and your staff had of our situation.

So, in May of 2011, we scheduled a vasectomy reversal through your office. The recovery at home went very well and I had very little discomfort.

Again, I thank you and your staff for all the help even after the surgery.

When we had questions, your staff was always helpful.

“Infertile couples from all over the world come to St. Sherman Silber and his team are simply the best there is.” – Discovery Health Channel Documentary I wanted to share this story with other couples so they too may be blessed with a child and share the same joy we have felt. When we started dating I had expressed my desire to have a child someday. It was his second reversal attempt and first success due to us choosing your services this time around. We learned the hard way that using a Urologist who does not perform Microscopic Reversals has an extremely low success rate. Melana is a joy in our lives that we thought for years we would never get.

He had three children earlier in his life and therefore had a vasectomy. Our entire family couldn’t be more happy and thankful for our little blessing. Fast forward, the Vasectomy reversal you performed on my husband in October 2013 was a success! We thank you so much for her as we would not have her if it wasn’t for you.

We had a friend that had a reversal from another facility who had a low count and did not achieve pregnancy. On August 12th 2015 we were blessed to welcome our “Cowboy” to this world. We were desperate for a new route as the first vasectomy performed on my husband by a local Urologist did not work. Now, our beautiful Melana Emeline Shaw is 6 months old.

We were not going to pursue any other avenues such as in vitro. Unfortunately that pregnancy was lost, but we again got pregnant in November 2014. Everything went great and smooth for both transfers. She was a student at the University of Omaha and witnessed a speech you gave to the students.

We had decided that this was our only chance to conceive. We had our last embryo frozen, and couples years later we went back to Dr Silber, and thankfully it was another great success. Thank you, Michelle and Larry Quinones Sioux Falls, SD In 2013 we heard of your Microscopic Reversal Vasectomies from our niece.

Louis, MO My husband and I cannot express how much Dr Silber and staff helped us bring another baby into our family. And with that had success with our baby girl Gabriella Grace. And Gabriella is so excited to have a baby brother.

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