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The income guidelines can change without notice, however.

To verify current income guidelines, please call GJHA at 970-245-0388.

“I met “Tony’s” teacher shortly after his family received help from the Next Step Program.

Previously he had been a handful, and had been demanding a lot of her time.

She said that for the first time since school started, she was able to spend more time with the entire class.

She said Tony now comes to school rested, ready to learn, and not hungry.

Halloween is full of fun, dressing up and tons of sugar.

Every kid enjoys dressing up as their favorite superhero or cartoon character while running house to house to fill their bags.

One thing we can’t forget is the safety of our kids while trick-or-treating.In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this, but the world isn’t perfect and there are some situations we want to keep our youngens from experiencing.Take a look at the maps below to see what neighborhoods you might want to keep your kids from visiting.[UPDATED] Thanks to the Grand Junction Police Department, we have updated this post with the most current information for sexual offenders in Mesa County.Always take into consideration that not all sex offenders are violent or predators, it always pays to stay space.In order to qualify for assistance, applicants cannot have a gross annual income exceeding the following income limits.

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