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The accounts have spawned rumors of ``death camps`` or so-called``comfort stations`` where women are raped or brutalized by soldiers. officials have called upon the UN Human Rights Commission to investigate charges that all sides in this complex war have set upconcentration camps. Eagleburger is filling in as secretary of state while James A. But the agencies face problems with documenting the allegations.

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The International Committee for the Red Cross has a strict policy: Charges are warranted only if independent observers witness the act or have unrestricted access to the scene of alleged war crimes and unsupervised interviews with victims.``The problem in all of these cases is access to the camps or sites where the violations allegedly occur,`` said Marjolaine Martin, deputy chief of the Red Cross mission in Zagreb.

The Red Cross has asked to see several dozen camps across former Yugoslavia, but has gained access only to nine, mostly in Croatian- and Muslim-controlled areas, she said.

During a Wednesday press conference to discuss war crimes allegedly committed by the three warring groups, Martin said that incidences of torture and ill treatment can be confirmed, ``but nothing on the scale of what is being alleged.``She said that terms like genocide, massacre and death camps ``are being misused`` if they are applied to actions by warring armies in this conflict.

ZAGREB, CROATIA — The pregnant teenager sat in the maternity ward, wearing a corduroy robe over a light nightgown, arms wrapped around her waist, rocking back and forth as she told her horror story.

For four months, she said, she was one of 24 women from a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina who were imprisoned by Serbian irregulars who repeatedly raped them and forced them to have sex with other Serbian troops in the area.

The Croatian and Muslim women were raped ``three times a day, every day,`` said the high school student.

They were released only when they became visibly pregnant.

By the time at least two similar victims reached safety and medical facilities in Zagreb, the unborn babies were too developed to be aborted, according to doctors at the city`s largest maternity hospital.``When we were released, they told us to go to Zagreb to bear their Serbian children,`` she said.

The victim`s story is one of many heartbreaking accounts of tragedy in this devastating war that seems to defy a solution.

Sometimes the allegations involve rape, sometimes torture or even wholesale murder.

For every horror story advanced by Croatians, the Serbs have an equally grisly tale of violence, massacre or death of their people at the hands of Croatians or, perhaps, Bosnians. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger Wednesday called accounts of atrocities ``profoundly disturbing.`` He called for a war crimes investigation by the UN Security Council.

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