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Dressed on the occasion of heat, instead of jeans, shorts spacious did not displeased him at liberty, and the barrel guy resting on the belly girl, clearly demonstrating that his insatiable desire.The girl winced slightly at his touch, but not to disqualify.

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I pulled off his pants and walked over to the girl lying, settled back and began to insert a hard cock in her ass.

- Lenka agreed, we’re going to camp for two shifts.

Yes this is the second year my 21 year old little woman goes to the camp to the sea to work.

It’s leisure, housing and feeding for free, and the opportunity to swim and relax while there.

Lover sing and dance Genia immediately allocated in your party Borka, joker could play guitar and sing lover, gathering around girls.

I thought that perhaps I was dead, but this idea for some reason only fueled the curiosity abstract hovering in the space of consciousness.

My body lay motionless in the water and I did not even know I’m breathing or not breathing, but at this time of my consciousness, as if separated from this knackered shell hovered near the ceiling space, cool and sober watching what is happening.

Well is not it possible you as a child is not taught that eavesdropping is not good. All people wear masks, and the more human masks, so it is easier to go through life.

Now I have a whole wardrobe of masks for each person and I have my friends for one, for the enemies of the other, for patients third, fourth for women and so on.

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