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Frustration mounting he flicks furiously through a battered notebook stuffed with barely legible codes for the house wifi, his wife’s account and the various other passwords created for him by family members who have tried before to help him get online.

• I pay my teenage grandson to be my IT consultant Twenty-five year-old youtube presenter James Hill has been teamed up with Martin as part of a social experiment which matches generation Y technological whizz kids with elderly technophobes and attempts to introduce them to the wonders of the worldwide web in just six weeks.

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And when you consider that a staggering five million of the nations’s over 65s have never used the internet while at the other end of the spectrum 10 per cent of all British teenagers are logged on for 10 hours every day, the stage is set for high drama.

But it also yields some surprising, and heartwarming results.

With a floppy fringe, skinny jeans and a vocabulary bursting with glottal stops James Hill is typical of his generation. Despite the incongruous start the pair quickly discover they have a shared love of history and genealogy. Martin was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine at age three and although he led a full life, playing county tennis, cricket and golf: "At age 65 I just collapsed like a pack of cards.

He graduated from York University with a history degree in 2011, only mixes with computer-literate people his own age and makes a living presenting a series of youtube shows which boast 5million followers. Now I am in a lot of pain so I need to get to grips with the internet because I think I could benefit enormously from pursuing new avenues on it." His first challenge is a Golden Wedding Anniversary party for wife Carol and with James’s help he finds he can download a template for invitations, get in touch with friends and order most of the entertainment and catering.

Martin, who despite once working as a computer parts salesman is baffled by the internet and cannot mask his disbelief that James makes money from it. But his greatest achievement is the online photo album he makes of the couple’s half century together.

By the time the 6 weeks is up Martin has embarked on a second digital album, has been browsing on the John Lewis website for a new bed and is so enamoured by his new skill that he regularly needs to be told by long-suffering wife Carol to log-off in the early hours of the morning!

• What should I do if my child blocks me on Facebook?

Little James, as Martin calls him, should be proud of his tutoring – yet it is arguably he who has learned the most from the unlikely encounter.

"My Mum and Dad divorced when I was very young so I really admire and envy the fact that Martin and Carol have been together for so long.

Theirs is a real partnership." And he adds, somewhat wistfully: "That generation seemed to have a clarity of direction that mine don’t.

Get a job, work hard, save your money, buy a house, get married, have kids.

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