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It's not easy; even the actress herself acknowledges that her body of work is rather slim.

So far she is better known for generating headlines because of her turbulent affair with Jude Law, her co-star in Alfie (that's one of her films). After several highly publicised break-ups and reconciliations, the romance is finally over and she has been devoting her energies to work.

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It is easy to draw some parallels between Miller and Sedgwick, whom she closely resembles.

Both came from elegant backgrounds, both were hailed as It-girls for their sense of style and fashion and both have an air of vulnerability.

But there the resemblance ends, because Sedgwick suffered serious physical and mental abuse from her father and spent some time in a mental hospital before going to New York, meeting Warhol and descending into drug addiction."Edie loved to love people and I love to love people, too, so there were certain things I could relate to, and I felt like I understood her in a way, but I can't relate to the level of abuse she had," says 24-year-old Miller.

Although she was aware of Warhol's work, Miller knew very little about Sedgwick when she was offered the script."I saw the title and I thought it was about a girl working in a match factory," she says.

"But there was a photo of Edie on the front of the script and I saw her and just sort of fell in love."Much of Factory Girl is set in Warhol's infamous New York studio, the Factory, where sex and drugs were part of the day's routine.

Miller spent a year researching Sedgwick's life, watching her movies, reading books about her, talking to her friends and her husband and the people who hung out at the Factory when she was there.The only problems she encountered were with some of the former Factory crowd."They were all so out of it at the time that it was hard for them to function and they were on so many drugs they couldn't remember what had actually happened," she says.Factory Girl contains some explicit sex scenes between Miller and Hayden Christensen, who plays a folk singer based on Bob Dylan, with whom Sedgwick had an affair but whose name has been changed in the film for legal reasons."She fell head over heels in love with him and then had her heart broken.It was so sad," says Miller, who admits she had "concerns" about the sex scenes."I think there were always concerns because it's a vulnerable position to be in but, because Edie really had a problem letting men in, it was such a significant moment for her," she says."I also believe that there's nothing worse than seeing a sex scene where someone's got a T-shirt on because it's unrealistic.So I think that if you're going to do it, do it."I watched it thinking, 'Oh my God, my dad's going to see it!

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