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The Afor-soul songstress from South Africa, Simphiwe Dana, released her new single ‘My Light’ on Sunday.‘My Light’ is the latest single from Dana’s fourth studio album Firebrand, which fans hope will be released before the end of the year.

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‘My Light’ has a very pan-African vibe, which is reflected in the song’s approach.

With very sensual undertones, Dana’s latest single redefines easy listening.

Check out ‘My Light’ below: On the dark side of the moon Yeah Is where I felt I reside Till the day I met you I was cold Frozen inside When the whole world had turned on me And others couldn’t decide You’re the smile in my tears You are The smile in my tears You’re my light You’re my light When others think it’s fair to judge me Can you lend me your smile That’s all I need for the day And you are My kind of joy In the wilderness of my feelings In the brokenness of my dreaming Sweet And you are You’re my light You’re my light You’re my light You’re my light You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever known Sweetest thing I’ve ever known In the dreariness of my feelings In the loftiness of my dreaming Sweet And you are You’re my light X4 (You’re the light in my heart Shining bright in my heart Guiding me to a better day Sweetest thing) x4 Written by Simphiwe Dana Music by Simphiwe Dana and Kunle Ayo American movie star Leonardo Di Caprio unveils on Thursday a new, free technology that allows users to spy on global fishing practices, in a bid to curb illegal fishing.

Simphiwe Dana has a pleasant surprise for her Kenyan fans ahead of her concert which will be happening at the Arboretum tomorrow. I am a firebrand because I do not allow society’s prisons to hold me back. This album is being launched in partnership with Capital FM as the media partner.

Simphiwe will be launching her brand new album Firebrand. This is a big deal because she is launching this album here before launching the album in her homeland South Africa. Simphiwe Dana will woo the audience with the new album material at the Koroga Festival happening tomorrow (we have gotten an advance copy and Simphiwe Dana fans are in for a treat.

I love fiercely and I fight for what I love, and this is the source of my activism”.

Carry money to buy a couple of copies for your friends and family.) George Kilibwa had a chance to interview with Simphiwe Dana and brings you some insights into this fascinating musical icon who combines brains, beauty, heart and art to bring you a different kind of music that takes the listener on an exciting musical journey. but I keep it for my family and a few of my friends. SIMPHIWE: The first one was when I was very new in the industry; my album had been out for only six months and I was invited to perform at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.

GEORGE: What is that one thing that people do not know about you? As a new comer, I was given a really small stage and what happened is that people were fighting to get onto the venue and there were even some people who broke their bones and the paramedics had to be called.

The organizers had to give me another stage after I had finished my performance, on the same night. I have not met Eric Wainaina, and I would like to meet him.

The only other person that had ever happened was Miriam Makeba. SIMPHIWE: Anything embarrassing belongs in a tiny dark corner in my head that no one can access. GEORGE: When we look at artistes who have made it, we have this perception that everything is working well for them. GEORGE: Do you have any upcoming projects or any plans of doing any collabos with, not necessarily Kenyan artistes, but East African artistes?

That was among one of the most memorable moments of my career. if it is embarrassing, why would I even mention it? What we do not remember is the artistes face challenges and low moments. SIMPHIWE: At the moment, no, not really but as a Pan African, I am always looking for those opportunities where there are synergies or a connection, then definitely I would consider. For example, your East African fans do not really get to understand what you sing about.

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