Sims 3 romantic interest to dating dating site photographer

Guess its a good thing she's just working on her career right now I guess.I've noticed my sim didn't age at all through Uni either.

For a while it was amusing to see him get excited about the occasional Woo Hoo in the shower, but it has pretty much run its course.

Now that I'd like to end the relationship, I noticed that the "Mean" interactions menu is not available, so I can't ask him to "just be friends".

How do I break off this relationship so that my sim can pursue other romantic interests After thinking a bit more about it, I decided to try the following: Dismiss the butler, wait until he/she has left the premises, then call him/her to invite him/her over. Since the butler is now off-duty, regular conversation options are available.

I've been trying to get my sim to ask for his girlfriends hand in marriage but just can't get that interaction to come up.

Is it possible to get engaged while attending university? Do you ask another sim or is there a board to post on to advertise for a roommate?

This semester I had my sim rent a house and I wanted him to have a roommate but don't know how to do it.I haven't gotten a sim to get a boyfriend/girlfriend in University, much less get engaged.It never moves past "confess attraction" The only way I got my sims to get engaged/have a boyfriend or girlfriend from University was to let the sim go home at the end of the semester, invite the person over and have them pop the question on the home lot.I know you can "go steady" in Uni because my sim was asked to go steady when I didn't want him to but I went with it and he "invited foreign guest" when he got home and married her.However, she never got added to the household so I had to use twallan's MC to add her.My sim just went through a whole degree with a 'romantic interest' but there was never an option to go steady or get engaged or anything and when she went home at the end of term I couldn't even get it to come up.

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