Simulated dating game

There is a slightly controversial but superfun video game subgenre: dating simulations.Most virtual dating games offer complex character interactions, conversations and relationship based mechanisms that take place in fantasy setting or a completely possible, realistic location depending on the game’s story.

The most common scenario is having a male avatar in the game, surrounded by female characters but of course, there are girl-looking-for-boy virtual dating games and other variations too.

The degree of sexual content varies in these games, from focusing on choosing one of several representative of the desired genre for the player’s character to having sexual intercourse included in the relationship of virtual persons (censored accordingly).

There are tons of options you can choose from if you want to play – you can find virtual dating games online for free, you can buy many for different platforms, also you can install several apps to your phone so you can carry your favorite game wherever you want.

The best virtual dating games’ sources are listed here in order to make it easier for you to discover different games and find the one that you love most. It provides you with safety knowing that you are in a controlled environment.

Persons behind the avatars are for sure who they say they are.

provides you with info about available 3d chat worlds and virtual life games for 18+ players.

You can find the best virtual worlds for grown ups on this website.

is a 3D virtual world mainly with massive millions of an adult audience.

Amsterdam’s red light district have given some inspiration to this multiplayer game …

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