Singapore romantic dating place dating internet service site uk

What’s more, it’s free…(sometimes, even the talks are free!

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And did we mention it’s just next to Bukit Gombak MRT Station?

Boardwalk @ Marina Bay Sands It might be crowded with residents and tourists alike, but taking a welfie there with a kiss when the light and water show is on ( p.m.

and p.m.) is not only romantic, but spectacular as well.

Singapore is expensive—yeah, we all know that as well.

If so, how can there be any free and romantic place for a, say, new couple to check out? In fact, there are more than ten, but we’ll just list down the top ten.

Henderson Waves We’ve recommended this place so many times that I think you might think they pay us for this, but no, it’s really good.

It’s so romantic, you’ll see more than just ten couples there—unless you go there at 3.00 a.m.

on a weekday lah, whereby you might just see something else…

Stargazing at Science Centre One simple question: is watching stars and whispering sweet nothings romantic?

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