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I'm 18, and am around 140 lbs, thin, with a kind of girly ass.

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Luckily I was able to get a single room with a bathroom so I had plenty of privacy to dress up like a girl.

I also managed to get a job on campus so I had some extra spending money coming in.

My semester was already paid for due to a nice scholarship I earned.

Otherwise, I never knew my parents, and the last foster parents I lived under were definitely not going to help me out now that I was 18.

My first weekend I got one of the older dudes in my dorm to get me some vodka and I used the money I had left over to get a nice six-inch dildo, some lube, and a pink thong that said "cockslut" on it.

Before long I was lying on my bed, a bit drunk, with my legs spread while I inched in my dildo.

I was dressed really slutty and had my new "cocksucker" thong on.

It felt great and I closed my eyes imagining some hot guy was lying on top of me fucking my brains out. I got up and pulled on a really short black skirt that barely covered my girlish ass and a tight black tank top.

I was really turned on but I wanted to take it to another level. You can wear something over the clothes you're going to wear, but I want you dressed up in your most slutty clothes. I covered them up with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, took another sip of vodka to calm my nerves and headed over to Clark Hall.

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