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Socialization, self and identity, attitudes, social perception, language, and group processes. Alternative gender models and social movements as vehicles to diminishing gender inequality.

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Students participate in lectures, discussions and service learning projects designed to give them a broad overview of the field of gerontology. Examines cultural production in Hip Hop in relation to the contemporary global issues that focus on the youth, subalterns, and postcolonial experiences. Today, organizations not only dictate activities at the workplace, but also exert profound impacts on nearly all aspects of modem life.

An interdisciplinary course that examines the phenomenon of aging and its consequences for society from a variety of perspectives. The development and growth of Hip Hop from a US inner city Black expressive culture to a global subaltern social movement. (3) Analysis of popular forms of everyday life in America: fashions, fads, entertainment trends, advertising, television programming, music, myths, stereotypes, and icons of mass-mediated culture. The ubiquity of formal organizations is a distinctively modem phenomenon.

(3) Prerequisite: SOCY 1101 or permission of the instructor.

Theories of consumption have been a part of the field of sociology since its earliest days, dating back, at least implicitly, to the work of Karl Marx in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

Thorstein Veblen's (1899) The Theory of the Leisure Class is generally seen as the first major theoretical work to take consumption as its primary focus.

Despite these early roots, research on consumption began in earnest in the second half of the twentieth century in Europe, especially Great Britain.

Interest in the topic among mainstream US sociologists was much slower to develop and it is still not a focal concern of many American sociologists.

Efforts are currently underway to form a section in the American Sociological Association devoted to the study of consumption.

However, over the last twenty years, sociological research into the area of consumption has burgeoned in cognate fields, particularly in global and cultural studies: The processes associated with globalization have created hitherto unimaginable opportunities for cultural forms and practices to travel far beyond the indigenous sites and spaces in which they were first conceived and produced.

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