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Santa Monica Patch: New Year’s resolutions drive gyms and dating Santa Monica businesses with an uptick in activity thanks people determined to get a new start.

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Miss Matchmaker and May Hui, co-Founder of Catch Matchmaking, discuss the topic of Marriage Minded or Just Dating.

-Is […] 10 Reasons You May Not Be Getting a 2nd Date Men, 10 reasons you may not be getting a second date: Diagnosis and Treatment.

You are saying things like “do you want to work or be a stay at home mom?

You’re asking questions that make the date feel like a business interview.

P Married: September 2015 R + K Married: October 1013 And baby: March 2014 P.

I just want to give you an update on me, and tell you that I have been seeing Jennifer exclusively for the past couple of months.

Take good care everyone & thank you all so very […] Another Success Story Hi Katie, I hope all is well and that you’re busy spreading love across LA one couple at a time.

My experience with Catch has been positive throughout & will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

Engaged: March 2014 […] Grateful For Your Service Words cannot express how grateful I am of your service, I wholeheartedly thank you May, Mason, Katie, & Karli for all the wonderful men you’ve recommended to me.

SIE Santa Monica Studio, also known as Sony Santa Monica, is an American video game developer and part of SIE Worldwide Studios which is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

As implied by its name, it is based in Santa Monica, California and was established in 1999.

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