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TEN is the world’s premier transmedia network of enthusiast brands, representing the largest concentration of males age 18-34 within the automotive and action/outdoor categories.

At TEN, we help brands connect with a powerful, active, and influential group of passionate enthusiasts.

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TEN also augments our partners’ target audiences with valued third-party data sets through our DMP provider, Krux, further enhancing our ability to target and scale.

Our private marketplace enables advertisers and agencies to directly access premium advertising inventory across TEN’s portfolio of more than 60 leading automotive and action/outdoor websites.

Powered by Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud Platform and augmented by Krux technology, TEN’s programmatic offering improves the capability of our advertisers and places TEN in the forefront with online advertising technology.

At TEN, we are Passionate in what we do, Authentic to our consumers and customers, Creative in generating innovative ideas, and Transformative in our approach.

If this describes you, please visit our Careers page to see current opportunities.

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