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This beautiful lady was not very lucky in love, so she has decided that tonight she is going to attend a speed dating meeting in which she hopes that she is going to find somebody suitable for her and fall in love.

Flirt with five different people in five different scenarios to get a date. Select your age and start a meaningful conversation with a stranger.

Don't be too straightforward and earn two hearts to score.

In July last year I took the vehicle in to get some things sorted.

The 2 things were water leaking in through the roof and craized paint on the bonnet (vehicle is still under warranty).

This year they have had my vehicle for a total of 8 weeks and have ruined my paint job and there is still water leaking in the vehicle.

Not only have they not fixed up a botched paint job they left my vehicle next to another one in the paint shop and it is now covered in white over-spray on both the inside and the outside as well as damage that has been sustained from having the bonnet off and taking chunks of paint, one place especially is below the front left headlight (I have photos if needed).

Currently, I have the dealer saying they are waiting for Land Rover to give authority and Land Rover are saying that the dealer has to pay for it.

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