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Spirit&Destiny magazine is a wonderful guide into the spirit world.No other magazine in the UK offers assistance to those looking to grow and developing in their spirituality.

Spirit&Destiny understands that spirituality often blossoms within a supportive community so they have a discussion board that you can join with you online membership.

You'll get the chance to discuss a range of topics.

If you are someone looking for spiritual guidance then this magazine is definitely for you.

With each issue you will get to read and participate with these features: The articles, ranging from money, love, and health, teach you how to be in harmony with your own energy, as well as the energies around you.

Spirit & Destiny encourages you to banish negativity and create a positive environment, with advice from top astrologer David Wells, angel expert Chrissie Astell, and spiritual life coach Louise Presley-Turner.

Spirit & Destiny encourages you to take charge of your life by becoming aware of your spiritual side, so you can begin to make positive changes.

Readers are encouraged to tap into their intuition, enabling them to build better relationships with other people. Spirit & Destiny can help you boost yours using a variety of techniques, such as visualisation and scrying.

Every issue features a detailed analysis of your horoscope, so you can be fully prepared for the month ahead in all areas of your life.

Other articles, such as dream analysis, allow a more personal insight into any previously unexplained behaviour.

If you enjoy other worldly entertainment, readers' personal experiences offer an exciting glimpse into the spirit community.

Stories vary from lost loved ones sending a message home, to angry spirits causing mischief.

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