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Sasha is great, and she has a fantastic ass, but the bondage wasn't too impressive, I like the hook, but the rest was weak. I would have liked a mix of sex and bondage at the same time. Aunt Cybil is furious and wants him to get psychiatric help as she refuses to suck him off as you did. The fact that she is beautiful, and that man is fucking gorgeous, doesn't hurt, either! Of course Uncle George, who taught you all about cocksucking and swallowing cum, still watches you and constantly jacks off, spilling his cum all over the place. Sucking a cock that has just been in your asshole was a disgusting thing for them to see.

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Making it on your own and sendihg checks to them was nice.

Your mom and dad are especially ashamed of you because of your pussy-eating lesbian activities, and are disowning you!

I was expecting a little more bondage and whipping but alas not to be such a shame too she is definit prime meat for the BDSM crowd like me.

I'd love to see her all tied up and forced to orgasm till she was talking in tongues.

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