Stephen amell dating

hate war and why we can’t find a real life Prince Charming. Hates the color yellow, misogyny, and people who are late. Watches an absurd amount of TV every week, often, while eating coffee ice cream. And, no, it’s not because we watch too much of the thing (though that is probably true! It’s because the leading men in our favorite shows have given us unfair expectations about love (and life). Seth and Summer were the stuff of teenage daydreams. Sure, she came around eventually, but we were there from Seth from that one time when he got up on that coffee cart and made his first public proclamation of love.

Stephen amell dating

And he did all this knowing that Emma wouldn’t even remember him. He proclaimed his love for her at the end of Season 2, and from that moment on, even after the disastrous date, even when she was dating Ray, Oliver never wavered. He was saying it because he just couldn’t keep it in.

If all that doesn’t make you swoon, let’s consider the fact that he didn’t even tell her any of this until she confronted him! He was in love with Felicity, damn it, and she was all he wanted. In fact, he’d already said “I love you” multiple times before we ever actually got to hear her reciprocate.

There’s also the fact that he’s always been there to support Emma, be it with her magic, her relationship with her parents, Henry, hell, even Regina. Seth Cohen was literally my dream boyfriend as a teenager.

If Emma asks, Killian Jones only has one answer: As you wish.

The people of Orlando, Florida have been through a lot recently after the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub almost two weeks ago that left 50 dead — but now they have a little more help recovering thanks to !

Since the tragedy, many have lent their support to the people of Orlando and those affected by the vicious attack through song, and even making angel wings to protect mourners!

Well now the casts of both are lending a helping hand by taking part in Fan Fest orlando — a fan convention to help raise money for the victims.

Not only that, but 100 percent of the profits are being donated to the One Orlando Fund!

Related: Family Of 2-Year-Old Killed By Alligator At Disney World Announces Funeral Plans The convention is still a few months out, but the stars they already have lined up include 's Lauren Cohan, Michael Cudlitz, Josh Mc Dermitt, Alanna Masterson, Ross Marquand, Seth Gilliam, Sonequa Martin-Green, Christian Serratos, Emily Kinney, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., as well as executive producer Greg Nicotero. James Fazier, founder of Fan Fest, hopes to raise about 0,000 through the one-day event as hopefully more star guests join this great cause!

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