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I knew what I was looking for in my next relationship, and I didn't feel the need to settle.

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There were the positive moments -- feeling butterflies for the first time in awhile, hilarious conversations after long nights, trips to Pride and gay bars and hanging out with one woman's huge group of gay friends.

But of course, there were the not-so-great moments -- the messages unanswered, the time I got really attached to someone and got hurt, and the time someone got really attached to me and I had to end it because I didn't reciprocate her feelings.

I guess all those emails with the subject line: "She winked at you! " weren't just ploys to get me to pay for an account, after all -- though that's what I thought when I routinely deleted them without reading.

It was 2012 and I was single, recently out of the closet, and.. Is it crazy to say that I was so captivated by the opening line of someone's dating profile that I actually had the tiniest inkling my life was about to change?

about to move back to my suburban hometown after college graduation. It is crazy, but what's even crazier is that (unbeknownst to me) that profile was created less than two hours before I came across it.

In terms of an ideal setting for meeting other gay women, this was, well, the exact opposite. Like I said, I was pretty naïve about the whole online dating thing, and for some reason was under the false impression that offered free trials. ) I filled out my profile and uploaded some pictures "just to see what's out there," but when it took me to the payment page, I closed the browser and never logged back on.

I was still in college, so I wasn't quite ready to pay for a dating site yet.

I didn't even think about deleting the profile I'd made because -- false impression #2 -- I thought that without a payment, nobody would be able to see it.

Fast-forward again to the Spring of 2012, just a few months before I read that life-altering sentence (and a few months after I failed to understand

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