Symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from sepm Sexy chat with married lady

I don't know if I should reinstall the client or what?I will see if this happens on all 4 PCs and report back.I checked on Symantec about the problem of end point protection creating files every time a trojan or threat is detected in XP.

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I have remote sites so am trying to update the clients using GUP's locally, when I have the clients connecting to the SEPM they update virus DEFS ok, as soon as I turn on GUP's at site they do not get the latest definitions.

I have tried entering the GUP's using FQDN's and IP addresses with no results.

The remote GUP's are also my WSUS servers are there any known conflicts?

Hello, I opened case 11107703 to track this issue as well.

During the ' Upgrade Groups Wizard' in the SEP Management console the final action is a bit misleading.

Security Updates Released for Affected Symantec Products On September 19, 2016 Symantec announced security updates to address two issues in the Anti Virus engine used by multiple Symantec products.

Question/Issue: Troubleshooting liveupdate issues Symptoms: Virus Definitions not updating Solution: This document will help you to understand in which direction you need to troubleshoot. Make sure that the perimeter firewall has exceptions for the websites above 3.

You can refer to the flowchart below to isolate the issue you are facing. Run a packet capture and contact support for analysis Check Connectivity between SEP & SEPM: 1.

There are explanatory points at the bottom of the document to elaborate a bit more on that subject. Make sure that you are able to browse to the websites below: a. Do a Secars test to Test Connectivity between SEP and SEPM Testing Communication from an Endpoint Protection client to the Endpoint Protection Manager [ Get the sylinkmonitor logs to check the communication for any errors Sylink Watcher and Sylink Monitor - tools for real-time debugging of SPA 5.x and SEP 11.x How to clear out corrupted definitions for a Symantec Endpoint Protection Client [ Open SEPM- I started updating a small company with 4 unmanaged PCs running SAV

The first PC I tried uninstalled SAV client successfully, then restarted to install SEP client 11.0.4, no errors, ran update but only updated Proactive to current date, not AV-AS or Network modules.

The Liveupdate thinks that all modules are up-to-date.

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