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I won't list all the places to go out in Taiwan on this page, but I'll show you the most popular discos in the top 3 cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung. is the biggest dance club in Taipei (and Taiwan) and it's the place you wanna head for to hear famous DJs.

Luxy draws a good crowd of both Taiwanese and expats who want to have a good time!

With its good drink specials and nice space, the Luxy discotheque in Taipei will know how to keep you up all night! Of course, if you compare it to the nightlife of Taipei, you'll be disappointed.

Ask anyone in Taichung what's the #1 place to drink and dance and nine out of ten times, Xaga disco club will be the answer.

Xaga has high ceilings, hundreds of square meters of floor to dance, a luxurious vibe and a huge selection of cocktails.

I even read on a blog that Xaga is where most of the beautiful girls in Taiwan hang out, so it might be the perfect place for you if you're single.

Few places on earth are as atmospheric and as exciting as Taiwan at night.

When Taiwanese people visit mainland China, they are shocked at the fact that everything closes so early, and wander the empty streets at 10 p.m.

in a hopeless search for an open food stand or restaurant.

And you'll probably be shocked too when you realize just how late life on the streets persists in Taiwan.

Taiwan's nightlife isn't just about bars, discos and lounges, it's also about night markets, KTVs, and even 7-11s and parks!

Big cities in Taiwan offer a fairly wide range of bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

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