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JUST TRYAN IT seeks to positively impact the lives of families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer by providing them with financial assistance.

I was her son's only really good friend and she kicked her husband out of the house who was a drunk and a drug addict that clearly didn't satisfy her in bed.

After 5 years with no hint of her wanting me, I decided to better myself.

Up until my senior year I was always a little bit fat and I didn't give a fuck about my appearance.

I thought the fact that I rocked an 8 inch cock that I couldn't even fit my hand around would be enough for me to get Kerry into bed. I also noticed my cock was now around 9 inches, which probably resulted from me losing fat on my lower body. Despite being into her mid 50's, she was as still as hot as when she was in her 40's.

But going into my senior year I started hitting to gym and by the time I graduated high school and my 18th birthday rolled around, I nearly had a 6-pack and put up 180 on the bench, which was impressive considering I'm only 5 ft. She had brown hair, green eyes, and was relatively tan.

Her best features, however, were her 40 DD tits, which always seemed bigger than her bra size indicated, and her tight ass, which resulted from her hard work at the gym.

I had thought that after graduating high school and being 18, Kerry may finally want me. I had gone to Italy and Cancun in June with my family and friends, so I didn't see Kerry all of June, which didn't give me a chance to put my plan of seducing her into action. My mom and Kerry, who were great friends, began hanging out at my house everyday.

Kerry's firm moved to Connecticut, which resulted in her only having to go into the office once a week.

So the rest of her week was spent drinking and tanning in my backyard with my mom.

If there was one thing I noticed on my vacations with my best friend, Kerry, my mom, and myself, it was that Kerry looked insane in a bathing suit.

She was clearly comfortable in her own skin because she would wear bathing suits that girls 30 years younger than her wouldn't even wear.

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