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Allie's purpose is to help teens with information and support for any personal concern they may have.

She also knows a lot about mental well-being and as her persona indicates, she's a friend that shares knowledge.

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Microsoft is trying to create AI that can pass for a teen.

Its research team launched a chatbot this morning called Tay, which is meant to test and improve Microsoft's understanding of conversational language.

But not just any conversational language — the most #teen tumblrcore what-are-you-even-saying type of conversational language.

For reference, Microsoft describes Tay as "AI fam from the internet that's got zero chill! On Twitter, you just have to tweet at the bot to get a reply (it may ask you to start at DM, if it's receiving too many responses); on the other platforms, you need to find Tay's account and begin messaging it.

The chatbot was created in collaboration between Microsoft's Technology and Research team and its Bing team.

They say Tay's conversational abilities were built by "mining relevant public data" and combining that with input from editorial staff, "including improvisational comedians." The bot is supposed to learn and improve as it talks to people, so theoretically it'll become more natural and better at understanding input over time.

Microsoft made Tay able to respond to a handful of specific requests, beyond straightforward chatting.

It can tell jokes and stories, make memes out of photos, and deliver a horoscope.

You can also play some weird emoji guessing game with it.

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