Things to know about dating a journalist

A coding mentality can also help you with your work.I couldn’t have turned this article around so quickly if I hadn’t known how to grab source code from Twitter, then remove loads of the repetitive bits of codey gubbins because I can recognise mark-up, to just get a look at the content of what people had actually tweeted. HTML, CSS, Java Script, and being able to play with the basics in spreadsheets are as vital to journalists today as the contact book and the phone have been in the past. I’m not sure that even Facebook’s engineers understand it in totality to the th degree.

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Treat every bit of content you publish to Facebook like an A/B test. If nobody interacts with it — by sharing or liking or commenting on it — it’s already failed.

If the first few people to see it engage with it, then you have a chance that Facebook will show your content to more people. Ask yourself who is going to share that article, and why are they going to share it?

If you can’t answer that question about your own story, you’ve done it wrong.

Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan married TV journalist Reham Khan in a secret ceremony last month.

After first denying reports of their marriage, Mr Khan has now admitted to marrying Reham amid a storm in his country over his wedding.

Ever dreamed of working for newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Vogue, The Times or GQ? This article is packed with information, tips and how you can make it big in the competitive but exciting, dog eat dog world of journalism!I was invited to talk at City University this evening about what I think journalism students need to know about technology.This isn’t a transcript of what I said, it is the five bullet points I wrote down in advance that I wanted to tell them…“Should journalists learn to code?” is one of the most boring debates in the history of the universe so here’s my crucial #Lukewarm Take that everybody really needs…When I am hiring, I am surprised if someone who wants to be a digital journalist doesn’t have a basic grasp of HTML, CSS and Java Script.I don’t mean that they need to be able to make production-ready code, but that they should understand the materials they are working with.And then consequently not ask developers/product managers/UXers stupid questions.

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