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I'd also love to see some support for combining contacts, but that might be getting nitpicky. There are a quite a few IM clients on Android these days, but frankly, few of them really measure up to Imo.

The less-than-pretty interfaces of options like e Buddy and Meebo have always left me wanting more, and their connection isn't quite as reliable as I've found Imo to be.

Imo seems to have nailed down the perfect balance between a simple, easy-to-use app and important, useful features, so it's the one we'd recommend checking out first.

For Windows 7 running Trillian Astra: Go to: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\App Data\Roaming\Trillian\users\[USERNAME]\logs And erase the folders within.

Android finally has a few good IM apps in the Market, but if you're looking for multi-protocol IM, it's hard to beat Imo.

It's got an incredibly intuitive design, easy-to-use sign in process, voice IMs, and support for all the most popular protocols.

One of Imo's biggest perks is its very good-looking interface, especially when compared to some of the uglier competition.

Its interface is also extremely simple, making it easy to log in, check out your buddy list, and start chatting.

The fact that you don't need an account to sign up (but that it'll still save your linked accounts, chat logs, and other info across platforms) is great.

Extra features like adding contact shortcuts to your home screen are pretty great too.

There are few downsides to this app; it's pretty much everything one could want in a mobile IM client.

The image sharing is a little janky, which instead of sharing an image like most IMs, will just send them a link to the image on Imo's servers.

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