Nake datin - Twilight jasper and alice dating

And because no vamps, the rest of the group become friends and orgy members.

Emmett is dating Jake, who is Bella's step-brother and lives with his dad, Charlie (who is married to his dad) and Bella. Bella is dating Jessica, who used to date Edward before she realized how much of a creep he is.

Carlisle, Jasper and children live in a house in Forks, and Esme rents the apartment above Billy's restaurant.

Jasper lives his life loving everything around him, regardless of how much his college peers think he is a freak of nature.

Lucille Susanna Santana is the 17 year old Cousin of Bella Swan.

Lucille's father is Chato Santana, otherwise known as El Diablo.

Like her father, Lucille was born with the Devil's gift, the power over fire.

But unlike her father, Lucille has more control over her power, but she does struggle with it.

After the death of her Mother, Alison Uley, Her father worried for her safety with him, so he sent her to live with Her aunt, Renée Dwyer.

But when Lucille's cousin Bella a tarts feeling guilty, she somehow manages to convince Lucille to Move to forks to live with Bella and her dad.

Jasper goes through the "initiation ceremonies" of the Cullen clan as a new addition.

AKA, he has to have sex with Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward. Written from Jasper's perspective mostly (in third person). No vampires or any normal Bella angst we've come to expect from the series (movie and book alike). Who like the books comes to live with her father to let her mom and step-dad live their life.

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