Tyler perry shemar moore dating

We want guys like Chris Brown to stroll the red carpet holding a guy's hand and telling everybody this guy is the love of his life. A friend of mine had a long term Latino fuck buddy.The Latino claimed to be straight, because he did not kiss, did not suck my friend, and did not bottom.

Luda and Gordon reportedly go way back to 1997, way before Gordan became a porn star.

That%E2%80%99s when Luda was frequently spotted picking up Gordon with his Acura Legend a car that is still owned by the platinum record selling Hip/Hop rap star).

But wait%E2%80%A6that%E2%80%99s not all: Back in 2006, I%E2%80%99m told Ludajuice took a Magic City stripper named %E2%80%98Diamond%E2%80%99 to the Super Bowl to see the Colts and the Bears play, in Miami.

No, but misogynistic closet cases would beat the shit out of their 'girlfriend' if said girlfriend wasn't getting sexed up and had to get it somewhere else. I know a lot of DL brothas and Puerto Ricans who think the same way: it's not gay, it's, you know, when there ain't no women around, nothing wrong with getting a little freaky from time to time.

A closet-case who has his masculinity challenged is vicious and ugly."I agree a gay wouldn't beat up his beard but would a straight guy pummel his girlfriend cause she was pissed about some texts from another girl? Totally buying the fact that they sucked each other off.

"%0D %0D Umm yes.%0D %0D Straight morons are quite capable of beating anyone up over a feather floating past two blocks away.%0D %0D That said, I have no idea whether Brown is gay or straight. And, yeah, for those who think Usher is straight: OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! There's a lot of ways guys like this rationalize what they do.

I do know people of whatever sexuality shouldn't be pigeonholed into capabilities based purely on orientation stereotypes.%0D %0D Was he a gay guy that flipped, sure why not? This dude and Chris Brown maybe think they aren't gay because they don't kiss or they don't hold hands or cuddle or do anything romantic.

They just satisfy each other by doing a sexual act.

Now I could be wrong, they may lay in bed everynight holding each other and bring tea to each other in the morning.

But the fact that they can't be truthful to themselves is what's troubling.

And the livejournal headline doesn't help calling Chris Brown "miss" and calling this guy his "lover".

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