Live chatt with viernam girl - Updating a powerpoint slide

Learn what makes up a deck in Power Point and find out how to create and order a basic presentation deck.In Power Point, a deck is another name for the series of slides that make up your presentation file.When you create a presentation, you start with a single slide and then add others, ultimately building a deck of slides that contains all your information.

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Power Point has a variety of slide layouts and designs, and it allows you to shuffle the order of slides in the deck.

When you open Power Point, it shows a single white title slide by default.

To change the presentation's design, apply a template theme. To preview a theme, hover your mouse over a design.

When you find a design you like, select it to apply it.

Power Point applies the theme to the current slide and any new slides you add.

To customize the template theme, go to the Variants area and select the down arrow.

Use the Colors, Fonts, Effects and Background Styles options to customize the theme. Select the slide you want to move and drag it to its new position.

Repeat for any other slides you want to reposition.

Select the Normal button on the View tab to return to the regular presentation view.

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