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Top of Page This section includes information about the installation of Update Manager and Update Manager Download Service, an optional module of v Sphere Update Manager.

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The Update Manager server can be installed on the same system as v Center Server or on a different system.

The Update Manager provides two client components: Before you install Update Manager, you must install v Center Server.

For database compatibility information, see Databases that Support Installation of the Update Manager Server.

The Update Manager 5.5 release notes provide information about VMware v Sphere Update Manager, an optional module for VMware v Center Server.

For information about new v Center Server features, requirements, and installation, see the This release contains bug fixes described in Resolved Issues and known issues described in Known Issues.

Top of Page Minimum hardware requirements for Update Manager vary depending on how Update Manager is deployed.

If the database is installed on the same machine as Update Manager, requirements for memory size and processor speed are higher.

The minimum requirements to ensure acceptable performance are as follows: .

The sizing estimator calculates the size of the Update Manager database and patch store.

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