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just miktex keeps the stuff (files and ".tpm") inside the same

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Generally, UNIX and Linux systems use the Te Te X distribution of Te X/La Te X.

Mandrake uses RPM for its general package manager (like Red Hat, which is what I use), so for base system upgrades you will be using the RPM tools.

(I use the command-line rpm command, but I believe there is a GUI thingy for RPM.) If you want to add optional packages from CTAN, you'll have to download them from CTAN and install them under /usr/share/texmf/tex/.../, generally by using the cp or tar commands, and then run mktexlsr to rebuild Te X's ls-R databases. Updating Latex Packages with Tetex on Linux Hi all, Is there anyone who knows how I can update all my latex packages on linux.

Hello, All: Is there any ways of updating latex packages without checking packages one by one manually?

I konw the Mik Tex has the feature of updating the packages automatically via comparing the local package version with the one in the servers. You can use yum or apt to update packages for Fedora/Red Hat/Debian more or less automatically: HOWTO T.

But I am usually working on Linux, so wondering if there is a similiar function provided. like getting fresh vegetables the moment they ooze through the compost heap.

You probably fare better by deinstalling the Te X stuff altogether and installing Te Xlive (for example). 15, 44793 Bochum UKTUG FAQ: installing Te Xlive (for example).

doesn't help someone who's stuck with a bad effect in some package and is advised to update.

sure, just now, it could well be less than 2 months before the next tex live hits the doormat, but that's not something to rely on, surely?

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