Updating ranch house

They took the interior down to the studs to create a bright, inviting home with custom updates. Bland colors made this white on white kitchen look boring and dingy.

Colorful paint, dark cabinets, stainless steel backsplash and sink and a new light fixture make it look fresh and modern. The Pin Junkie made a dramatic upgrade to her yellow sunflower bathroom with a refinished countertop, lots of paint, and a frame around her mirror. Carolyn renovated her 1986 kitchen on a tight budget, doing everything but installing the countertops on her own.

Beadboard, new countertops and backsplash, updated appliances and hardwood flooring took it from 80’s to enticing. Oh So Lovely changed the entire look of her dated kitchen with a 0 remodel. Architects relocated the garage door and made updates to the roofline for a dramatic change.

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The remodel opened up the feel of the deck and greatly improved the appearance with new tiles as well. After removing old carpet and shortening the length of bannisters, these stairs look much more modern and inviting. Another great stair renovation, this one from Prudent Projects replaced unsafe OSB stairs with newly painted MDF stairs and beadboard backing. It’s Great To Be Home brightened up a dark 1960’s ranch den with new paint, floors, and a dramatically different fireplace. A dreary front porch becomes bright and beautiful with new furniture and outdoor accounts. A single rod and shelf made it difficult to organize this small closet. A facelifted fireplace, new dark wood flooring, updated furniture, and a lovely window treatment make this a cozy destination. Pixelimpress‘s fireplace remodel is a simple job that packs a lot of punch.

But a shelving renovation made it super functional, adding multiple shelf layers and hanging rods. Petit Elefant‘s master bathroom went from dated and cramped to wide open and beautiful. A new mantel, mosaic glass, and dark black paint look really sleek. Roof updates, an extended second floor, and pop out windows add charming updates to this Cape Cod home. This master bath didn’t look like it needed any huge updates, but the after photo looks so amazing, we’re glad Angie took on the challenge anyway.

A new jacuzzi bath, counter, and glass shower make this bathroom look much more modern. Gorgeous custom cabinets and mirrors surrounding the sinks add a romantic touch to the room, and a new steam shower is much more sleek and functional than the huge bathtub they used to have. Little Dog Vintage‘s old covered porch was an eyesore with chicken wire windows and a dark, dank look.

Buying a new home is a great choice for homeowners who need to make a change, but for some, it’s just as easy to simply renovate.

Small or large, renovation projects can add functionality, style, and a sense of pride to your home.

Whether you’re knocking down walls, gutting your kitchen, or just throwing on a few coats of paint, there’s inspiration to be found among completed projects.

Check out our gallery of inspiring before and after home renovation projects: 1.

The couple behind Young House Love turned a dreary room into a playful escape for their daughter.

Dark trim was painted white, new hardwood floor added, and colorful accents including painted raindrops and a pink closet door updated the room delightfully. The Hellman family transformed their run down 106 year old home with a gut renovation.

The 6,000 square foot building had been converted into six apartments and sat abandoned for 25 years before the family went to work on it.

A new roof, porch, windows, and resurrected clapboard completely updated the home’s exterior.

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