Updating shower fixtures

Replacing fixtures is an opportune time to install new stems and seals in a bathtub faucet to prevent the faucet from leaking. Turn the shower head counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench or slip-groove pliers to remove the shower head.Slide the metal escutcheon plate off of the shower arm and remove the shower arm with slip-groove pliers.Turn the tub spout counterclockwise with slip-groove pliers or loosen the screw on the underside of the tub spout to remove the spout.

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Put the new faucet handles in place and tighten the screws to install them.

Refer to the new faucet's installation instructions if the faucet was replaced; this may include precise instructions for installing the faucet handles with the faucet.

TYPES AND BENEFITS The standard wall-mounted shower head ranges from simple designs to more elaborate, feature-heavy models with adjustable angles and multiple spray modes.

Brought to you by Kohler® Some of the most overlooked, but critical, elements in buying shower components are the valves.

The valves are part of the plumbing inside the walls, and many of the items below require them.

While sometimes they are included, often they are not, you'll save yourself time and headaches by double-checking.

If it's a remodel, are you opening the walls and changing the plumbing or only updating existing fixtures? If you're updating existing fixtures and want to use the existing valves in the plumbing, you'll need to choose trim that is the same brand.

If you're redoing the plumbing or installing new construction, choose any brand and fixtures you wish, only be aware in the future you'll have to stick with that brand for any updates.

Updating old bathtub fixtures gives your bathroom a modern look, and homeowners have many choices in fixtures to fit any budget.

When purchasing new bathtub fixtures, look for the same kind of fixture type, such as a single-, double- or triple-handled faucet.

Having the same type of fixtures makes them easier to replace and prevents the homeowner from having to repair the bathtub walls.

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