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EVERYONE needs help at sometime in their lives, I just needed it a lot sooner.If I couldn’t do something, solutions were found so I could participate.I fondly remember going to basketball games and cheering the Hornets on.

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Learning to drive and having the school buy hand controls so they could teach me.

Then selling me the hand controls when the year ended.

THAT was very cool when the Kiwanis club bought the controls for me after the semester.

I went to the White River High School 30 Yr Class Reunion last night. I was judged on other things, and I was accepted into theatre, managing the volleyball team, and Key Club (among other things that escape my recollection at the moment.

This entry is copied from the WRHS 30 YR HS Reunion Event on Facebook, and will be also posted on my wall. It caused me to remember how much I really enjoyed HS and how different Elementary and Jr. I was harassedddd and bullied (pushed into lockers, tacks in my chair, and the COMMENTS…) But, when I first got to White River, I was welcomed and greeted with no thought that I was disabled. You guys didn’t care that I walked funny, or that I took longer to get places.

I was Dana, not “that freak who walks funny” or worse yet, “that retard”.I was asked to Homecoming, I was asked out on other dates.You guys treated me as an “equal”, ignoring the canes, crutches, and the slow walking.You didn’t think I was retarded or even better, disabled, didn’t treat me as such, and I’m so glad to count each and everyone of you as a friend.I was Dana, I just happened to walk funny and need help with some things and I would ask for that help. Sometimes too freely, as I had to beat some of you guys off with a stick when it looked like I needed help when I actually didn’t.That too, I remember, with special fondness, even if I groaned at the time, because I thought I could do anything and really didn’t need help.

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