christian polygamy dating sites - Updating the bios for an asus a8n sli delux

For some reason, the BIOS option, labelled AI Selector, has three settings, Auto, Single and Dual, though I’m not sure why you might need the last two settings.

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Aside from these two headlining features you get a long list of features, as is traditional with Asus.

A quick look at the BIOS demonstrates that this motherboard is set-up with overclocking in mind.

When enabled, the AI-NOS function automatically overclocks your system depending on system load, with a claimed near instant response time.

When n Vidia first introduced SLI, supporting motherboards were, initially at least, worryingly unstable.

Fortunately, thanks to new BIOS revisions and board updates, this seems to have cleared up.

In our tests the Asus A8N-SLI Premium proved to be rock solid, which is more than could be said for the Asus web site, which kept throwing up errors while I was checking facts for this review.

Be that as it may, it wouldn’t put me off recommending this heavyweight board, which comes packed with almost all the performance, features and accessories you could wish for.

This is the third version of this board, which supports all Socket 939 AMD CPUs and offers dual PCI Express slots for SLI, with a standard version and a Deluxe underneath this Premium Edition.

This might be the most expensive version, but it’s the most interesting, for two primary reasons.

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