Updating wii system for mario galaxy wiikey

Today, though, I bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 and, after inserting the disc, I get a "wii update" message.

Considering I already updated do 4.2U, can I run this update? Otherwise, perform PART 1 of the new upgrade page and then the update on the SMG 2 disc will be safe. I had tested running Homewbrew Channel and, indeed, it opened up fine. The problem is that since last time I used it, not only I ran the SMG2 update, I also copied a new Wii backup to the HD (Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands), so I'm not sure if this "freeze" was caused by the update or by the new disc image (a corrupted image, maybe? I haven't had time yet to test removing this backup from the HD to see if it solves the problem, but does one of these scenarios make sense?

(I mean, the update or a corrupted disc image causing Config.

USB Loader to freeze) Ok, let me summarize: - Did you follow the instructions that told you to reinstall IOS249 and Hermes' IOS222/223? I only just noticed your edit (I read your original post via an e-mail).

Hmm, it's strange that SMG 2 would also restub the IOSes, but perhaps it does.

Try reinstalling the IOSes anyway and see if that fixes things. hi guys im just new to all of this and i think i have just bricked my wii!!!

If not, the only other thing it could be is a corrupted cover image. BUT, when I inserted the SMG2 disc, I got the "Wii Update" message again, as if I had never updated it before! I installed Start Patch to avoid the Disc Update and everything is running fine now. just bought smg2 put it in wii and asked to update it, which i did i know i should of waited but….

Rename your covers directory to something else to test if that is the case. I think you are going to find this interesting as well as anyone else who might come across this problem. Apparently (and I'm not an expert in this kind of thing, so excuse me if I'm saying some nonesense), the SMG2 disc can detect IOS249 and its Update removes it! so now my usb loader wont work just get a load of codes?

on the screen and blackness is there anyway that i can undo this to get it working again or will i have to wait for a new version? if there is a way can i please have it in a basic step by step guide lol ( total newbie) any info much appreciated thanks ruth xx So your Wii had an older firmware (previous to 4.2) and was updated to 4.2 by SMG2?

But did only USB Loader stop working or the whole Wii?

Because if it is only USB Loader, I think that hardly means you bricked your Wii.

You'll just probably have to install everything all over again.

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