Validating dropdowns keep updating

For example, select "Fruit" in cell B2, and "apple, banana, peach" appear in the drop down list in cell C2. In this dependent data validation example, if a country is selected from the first drop down, only that country's cities appear in the next column's drop down list. After you learn the basics, you can use the Excel IF function to make the selection more flexible.

If no country is selected, the City column will show a list of world cities in the dependent drop down list.

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It contains the Produce categories -- Fruit and Vegetable.

NOTE: If a Produce Type has not been selected, the Item drop down in that row will not work.

If you need to, you can add another set of dependent data validation dropdown lists that depend on the selections in the first two dropdowns.

In this article you will see how to put validation in dropdownlist by javascript, suppose first item value of dropdownlist is 0 and text is "-Select-" just like given below and we have to validate that at least one item is selected excluding default i.e "-Select-".

Just copy and paste javascript code given below and pass the parameter dropdownlist id, you can customize alert validation error message according to requirement.

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You can create dropdown lists in individual cells using the data validation tool in Google Sheets.

There are two options for in-cell dropdown lists: validation against a range and custom lists.

Follow these steps to create an in-cell dropdown list based on a range of cells or a list: By default, people are allowed to enter data in a cell that doesn’t match one of the items on the list. If you want to be more strict and allow people only to enter information from the list, choose "Reject input" next to the "On invalid data" option.

Limit the choices in an Excel drop down list, depending on the value in another cell.

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