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= "abc") { alert("ALERT : text is NOT 'abc' "); $(this).css("background-color", "pink"); $(this).focus(); }; }); }); After some experimenting, I discovered the following : • The script does not fire when the [enter] button is click after inserting some tekst in Text Box1 • The script fires only if a manual click is performed anywhere on the page as long as this is done outside Text Box1 (which seems to correspond to the ‘lost focus’ behavour of the blur event Going back to my original post to start this thread, I am actually looking fort he following sequence of events : 1. Click the [enter] button (or perform a Client Click somewhere on the page, including Text Box1) 3. Text according to some logic in page code (not code behind !!! If Text Box1 is validated, enable Text Box2 en disable Text Box1 (or make Text Box1 ‘readonly’) So it seems necessary : a.

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Vb 2016 validating text box

What I have provided you is the code on how to handle the blur event of a control.

For click and other functionalities, I suggest you have to go through the jquery API Documentation.

JQuery Validation plugin is very easy to use and has the advantage of being highly customizable both in functionality, such as validation rules.

I have Text Box1 (enabled = true) and Text Box2 (enabled = false) in my Web Form on loading.

Both are validated by means of a Regular Expression Validator.

How can I set Text Box2 enabled = true ONLY AFTER (!) the text inserted in Text Box1 has been validated and accepted as valid ? VB code behind function Check Null Or Empty() { var input Text=Element By Id("Text Box1").value; var text Length=input Text.length; if(text Length==0) { alert("show alert message"); Element By Id("Text Box1").background="#FF0003" Element By Id("Text Box1").focus(); } } Dear KGComputers, Since I normally do Win Form development instead of Web Form, I am still somewhat lost.Can this be done on client side exclusively or is some code behind absolutely necessary ? I tried to reference JQuery as below and inserted my original Check Null Or Empty logic in your sample code. when my Text Box1 is empty, I do not get the expected alert message).Dear KGComputers, Your answer has definitely put me on the right track. ').blur(function () { //your Check Null Or Empty() logic or code here....After some internet research, I came up with the following solution in 3 parts that, however unfortunately, is still not working. var input Text = $(this).val(); if (input Text == "") { alert("ALERT : text cannot be blank !"); $(this).css("background-color", "lightblue"); $(this).focus(); }; if (input Text == "abc") { alert("ALERT : text = 'abc' "); $(this).css("background-color", "yellow"); //$(this).focus(); }; if (input Text !

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