Venus figurines carbon dating

As wandering tribes they slept in the open or in shallow caves or under rock overhangs. Countless clay drawings and reliefs must have either dried out and crumbled away or been washed away.

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Besides making images of animals these people carved vast numbers of tiny human figurines in stone, bone or modelled in clay.

These images were usually female and in most cases only an inch or two high.

One of the most naturalistic is a tiny limestone carving known as the Willendorf Venus from the name of the Austrian village near which it was found.

This first tutorial is an introduction, it sets the scene.

Inevitably it touches on much more than the beginnings of our craft.

The story of Ceramics may begin as early as 30,000 years ago...

This period in history is called the Palaeolithic Age or Old Stone Age (500,000 BC.

to 10,000 BC.) because Man's cutting tools or sharp weapons were made from carefully chipped pieces of flint - stone.

The discovery of copper, bronze and iron was far into the future.

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