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I’m pretty sure that those girls also do exist in Vietnam, and I am certainly sure that prostitution in Vietnam is as big as in Thailand or anywhere else in SEA, but Vietnamese girls scamming western foreigners has yet to be a big phenomenon in Vietnam.

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Vietnam is, for SEA expats, still a good alternative dating option.

Vietnamese people generally care more about traditions and family values than capital accumulation and materialism.

It is easy to date Vietnamese women, but it is hard to get approval from the family - which is a good thing in my eyes.

” – I found it a very touching article and the sad ending was not due to a girl scamming her foreign boyfriend but due to cultural misunderstandings and different expectations.

I think many people can relate to his story, whether it is about an Asian women or any other cross-cultural love.

Whereas the anonymous author wrote a very touching article, was completely the opposite – cold, heartless, a bit appalling.

In his eyes finding a “decent” Vietnamese woman is the same process as finding a decent car: Preferably not a second hand (no divorced woman, no single mothers, no girls who have had foreign boyfriends before; should have a high market value – a well-sought after commodity), not too old (preferably the girls should below the age of 24, regardless of how old you are), should not have any scratches or defects (no tattoos; no kids; not too many ex-boyfriends; non-smoker; non-drinker; should not visit the bars), preferable from a good brand (the poorer she is, the better), it should not cost too much for maintenance (Johnson advises us to give a maximum of 0 US dollar a month to the girl to be your girlfriend) and you should have it thoroughly checked before you are using it (the girls should have had a blood test regardless of how many sex partners you have had).

I even think that many people would even love their car more than Johnson loves his women.

I have dated several Vietnamese girls, and while I have had some good and some bad experiences, it was never about a girl trying to scam me.

The same counts for the people I know who are dating Vietnamese women.

I have yet to hear a story about a Vietnamese girl with several western sponsors, being a drug and gambling addict, having a local boyfriend preying on her money she receives from the foreigners and having a family extorting her and pushing her into prostitution.

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