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Online dating has become incredibly popular in recent years.In fact, nearly one out of three recent marriages in the US started with an online “meeting.” The trend has become even more popular with dating apps like .

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Your profile is what girls will look at – briefly – before deciding whether or not to message you.

Ideally, your profile should be unique and capture who you are in a nutshell.

This isn’t easy, especially because everyone else with a profile is trying to do the exact same thing. It sounds odd, but studies have shown that photos in which a guy is looking directly into the camera attract fewer responses than when a guy is looking away.

If you’re using a username instead of your real name, Make sure to include a headshot. Give her a hint of your personality by adding a photo of you doing something you enjoy.

It could be anything from skiing to reading a book.

Make sure to add at least one photo of you hanging out with friends and if you have one, of you traveling.The goal here is for a girl to look at your photos, see that you have a fun and interesting life, and decide she might want to be a part of that life.The “About Me” section gives you an opportunity to describe yourself with words.You might feel like you have a lot to share, but keep this section short and simple.Women will be reading lots of “About Me” descriptions, and they will probably skip one that’s too long.To make it interesting, share a story about a recent activity that you enjoyed.

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