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Do not try to get lost, even if you did not obey immediately; fright and bewilderment clapped eyes, trying to figure out the cause of sudden anger.

Be sure that only want to be convinced of your determination and are more powerful onslaught. “Know that all masochists do not like pity and tenderness toward yourself! They want the owner’s attention, in the form of rudeness and rigor.

The final blow to the remnants of the male ego to be around such an action: neposlushnika grab her hair and push the bottom to go to the cry: “You ohrenel! Inaugurate the first long and merciless flogging under the bill (“lower” loudly and clearly considers each hit on your team), make do transcendental number of pushups and sit-ups, then tell them to expect further torture, as much for his uncomfortable position – thereby completely secure for themselves feeling full of confidence and superiority. “Attributes” Fans of “hard fact” are divided into two broad categories – masochists and fetishists.

For the first, important is the process and the nature of action – surrender, submission, suffering from pain and humiliation.

For others, this process – the storyline, staged, role-play, where the images of “slave” and “Mrs.”, are on a par with the rest of fetish paraphernalia and have meaning only at the time of the game.

I licked cock and she sent me to the bathroom, and she went after him.In the bathroom she stripped me and ordered to lie on the bottom of the tub. If you want to still be my slave, you’ll swallow my piss.She herself took off her panties and sat on the bathroom me. If you do not swallow – you are no longer my slave. The road was already along the sea, we walked the beach, we went into the woods, or rather in the grove, cooling off in the shade of the evening sun without burning such as day.Listened to the trill of birds, listen to the surf, income, and to this pleasant town.Finally I saw a way out of the trees in the distance, but we turned off the trail early, strolled through the thicket to the sea.

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