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I have been married for 3 years and my husband has completely lost interest in any type of romance or intimacy.

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He is aware of my need to be close, however I have never demanded sex.

I am not missing the orgasm, but the touching and closeness that used to follow. My main concern of course is to resume closeness not so much sex, although that would be nice.

He doesn't want to discuss any solution, and frankly I'm not sure he or I know of one. I have simply tried patience, but I am starting to doubt his love. He states he is just not interested in sex with anyone. I just want him to feel he can be close to me again.

The last time we were sexually active was two months ago. What should I do to make sure both of us come out of this feeling happy? Both you and your husband are still quite young and, given your fairly recent marriage and history of good sexual functioning at the beginning, something is definitely not OK.

Although there was no orgasm and ejaculation, within minutes I felt satisfied. Your husband's "just not interested in sex with anyone" response to your expressions of concern gives you little to work with.

Very likely this becomes just a polite way of his saying, "Let's not talk about it." It also seems clear that your wait-and-see approach, perhaps reasonable two years ago, has long outlived any likelihood of making things better.

It's not very hopeful at this point things will improve without some insistence on your part that it be confronted as a mutual problem.

Good sexual functioning and an active interest in sex are dependent for almost everyone on good physical, psychological and relationship health.

Be careful neither to give nor accept blame, but be willing and determined to see it as a problem you both need to address and take adult responsibility for resolving if the marriage is to likely endure.

I would suggest you press your husband to seek couple counseling with you.

Select a counselor who is knowledgeable about sexual functioning.

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