Whitest kids you know dating show

The sketches performed on stage were based on their stage shows.

Grave Digger* Sub Sandwich* I Don't Know Bob Episode 7* Dear Black People* Hot Air Balloon Poop Rope* Firing Squad* Accidental Puke* Gallon of PCP* Kool Aid* Gross Out* Point/Counterpoint Episode 8* Pie* Acting Class* Demon Ouija|Ouija Board* Flower Monster* Rape Role Play* Timmy Dance* Sam In the Bag Episode 9* Pirates* Glory Hole* Attention Guy* Bank Heist* Mrs.

President* Mom and Dad's Divorce* Tattoo Parlor Episode 10* Jim Bust - Jism* We Gon' Make Love* Motorcycle Mama* Jim Bust - Jim's Gay* Timmy Dance* Screamers* Mr.

T Gets Cancer* Jim Bust - Fart* Gun Face* Mountain of Chairs* Jim Bust - Puppyeason 2Episode 1*Sam's Nut I*Dinosaur Rap*Sam's Nut II*Black Doctor*Air Dry*Sam's Nut III*Happier With Your Mouth Open*Fart Dinner*Blind Not Blind Episode 2*String Pull *Watching Ninja *Never Song *Be A Cop *Cowboy *Feeler Doc *You Can See Me *Blue Whale Dick Episode 3*Instant Karma Bigot*Weird*Elephant Balls*Joining the Army*Jack and Oswald**The America Song Episode 4*Guillotine Dayz*Forever Puppies*Francis Scott Key*Opus Episode 5*Reverse Psychology*Kicking Guy*Whale Tail*Devil Gun*Cult*Recklessly Irresponsible TV*Nail Gun*Aren't You Lucky Episode 6* * Manatee Finger Bang* Office Head Explosion* Period Sketch* Ninja School* Our Label Is Run By Homos Episode 7* Falling Ladies* Tar Toast #1* Successful Relationship* Tar Toast #2* Underwater* Drunk Dad* Shark Man* Time Travel Friends Episode 8* Take My Face Off* Boiler Room* Driving Instructor* Entertainment Today* Auto Erotic* Bear Problems* Good Morning Dad Episode 9* Invincible Kid* Business Battle* Dogs Love Boobs!

attended the school, and they also all lived in the same dormitory.

According to an AOL Video interview, the origin of the group's name was believed to be taken from a party during school.

Much of The Whitest Kids U Know' early history was spent as an officially sanctioned club at ".According to Moore, they are excited about the channel switch because this allows for no commercial breaks, vulgarities and obscene content uncensored (with no bleeps or blurs), and "If you get the FUSE network - odds are you get IFC.So everyone who already watches the show, still can! Season 2 premiered on IFC on Sunday, February 10th, 2008 at 11 PM ET/PT.Shooting for season two of the show started on August 13, 2007, and debuted on IFC on February 10, 2008. It was stated several times in the show that the season will be the first to be released uncensored on DVD.However, started to air uncensored episodes of Season One, just 2 months before the DVD release.The tenth episode of season two was broadcast live on IFC.

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