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stop at Dodgers Stadium on Wednesday night (September 14) in Los Angeles.

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Apparently, Michelle felt that he wasn’t ready for the commitment, and thus broke things off before they got too serious.

However, it looks like the duo might have gotten back together without telling anyone, since they were recently spotted at Pierluigi Restaurant in Rome, Italy.

There was a small snippet published by the restaurant publicizing the recent influx of celebrities in Pierluigi, and that included celebrities such as Jason, Michelle, Jonah Hill, and Rob Lowe.

In fact, Jonah, Jason, and Rob all reportedly met at Pierluigi the other night and posed for a picture, even though it was a complete coincidence that they were all there at the same time.

Due to the Venice Film festival and various other international festivals happening at the same time, it makes sense that all these stars have been traveling over Europe.

But the fact that Jason and Michelle visited the same restaurant, even if they didn’t pose together? Either they are back together, have remained on incredibly friendly terms, or they’re in the process of getting back together.They’ve both dated other people since their breakup, but none of those relationships has lasted.Plus, sources at the time had said that Jason was more serious about Michelle than he had ever been about any other girlfriend in the past, even quitting drinking and partying to spend more time with her and Matilda [Ledger]. Perhaps those feelings lingered, or perhaps the former exes just decided to catch up over some food and drinks. The new romance between Michelle Williams and artist Dustin Yellin is heating up.Since her split from comedian Jason Segel last February, Williams and Yellin have been dating and made their relationship public by attending a Met Ball after-party together last month.

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