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On Mad Men, the actress played a troubled housewife in an unhappy marriage who has an affair with Vincent's character, Peter Campbell."I was really nervous," Alexis said in an AMC Q&A about her sex scenes with Vincent."[Vincent] noticed, and made it much better for me by just sort of making sure I felt comfortable.

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"He's light and funny and has lots of energy on set," she's said. Very, very different than Pete." Let's hope Vincent and Alexis' relationship lasts much longer than their on-screen fling!

From the sweet pic of Lorelai and Luke that was released, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the fan favorite couple walked down the aisle.

And it sounds like Vincent’s proposal had been in the works for a while.

Kimberly Alexis Bledel was born in Houston, Texas, to Nanette (Dozier) and Martin Bledel.

Her parents are both Spanish-speakers (her mother was born in Arizona and raised in Mexico, and her father was born in Argentina), and Alexis's ancestry includes Danish, German, English, Scottish, Irish, and French.

But Life & Style has learned that the stars' real-life love affair was a lot longer in the making! "Vinny basically fell in love with Alexis while she filmed a three-episode cameo on Mad Men," a source tells Life & Style about the pair, who were recently spotted smooching on a transatlantic flight.

"He was definitely smitten with her from the beginning," says the source.

"But he asked his friends for advice, and they told him to play it cool because he'd just got out of a long relationship.

So he and Alexis spent some time together at viewing parties for the premiere and events in New York and really hit it off, and by June he was telling friends they were dating." And Vincent isn't the first co-star Alexis has romanced.

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