Who is ashley olsen currently dating

Olsen was spotted in a cream colored sweater, while her boyfriend went for an ultra casual look in a blue t-shirt and jeans.

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Do you think this trend of Olsen ladies dating older men is creepy?

Does it say something about what happens to child actresses that grow up in an industry full of adults?

Ashley Olsen‘s new man is not just nearly twice her age: Radar has learned he’s still married!

According to a new report, the 30-year-old was recently spotted getting cozy with 59-year-old artist George Condo in NYC. See Which Celeb Couple are Shockingly Back Together After Divorcing!

A source told , “It looked romantic.” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Despite their seemingly ~intimate~ meeting, a rep for the fashion mogul reassured the outlet that their get together was strictly business.

Mary Kate Olsen isn’t the only Olsen gal dating someone much older than her.

Mary Kate’s twin Ashley Olsen has been quietly dating director Bennett Miller, and now the two have been pictured stepping out together for the first time.

The director, responsible for In case you lost track, Ashley’s twin Mary Kate Olsen is also into older men, and is currently engaged to French banker Olivier Sarkozy, who is 45 years old.

It’s a 16-year age difference for Mary Kate and Olivier, which we could turn our heads away from if it weren’t for photos like the following popping up every now and then.

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